Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal 

Hair Removal

Today's society is less tolerant of body hair than it once was, not only for women, but also increasingly for men. In days gone by, hair was important for protection against the cold and the sun, but in modern times, hair in the "right" place is a seen as a source of beauty. Hair in the "wrong" place is viewed as an annoying and unattractive impediment.

People with excessive hair growth often suffer tremendously. This excess hair may be hereditary or hormonal in origin, and can sometimes be a medical condition.   For this reason, it is important to consult with your medical practitioner to learn if the source of your issue requires treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is a safe option for anyone who would like to permanently reduce their hair growth. This process saves our clients time and money in the future, ensuring they are hair free and fabulous. Laser hair removal eliminates the need for regular shaving, tweezing and waxing. We pride ourselves on offering the most medically advanced, affordable laser hair removal in Tasmania.

How does laser hair reduction work?

At Hair B Gone we use a state of the art 805nm diode laser which ensures safety for all skin types. Repeated laser pulses target existing hair, creating a direction of energy into the hair follicles that prevent future growth. 

The Lightsheer technology enables our practitioners to customise treatment for your hair type, skin type and and lifestyle. 

Laser Hair Removal Service for Females

At Hair B Gone, women are offered a method of reducing their hair permanently. It is both cost effective and time efficient with minimal discomfort.

Some of the most popular areas are the bikini, legs and underarm, but almost any area that the hair is unwanted can be successfully treated.

Laser Hair Removal Services for Males

Why do men want laser hair removal service?

Unwanted hair is a problem that men have silently suffered for many years. Thanks to laser hair removal for men, however, it’s never been more available or acceptable to receive the treatment. For those that suffer from terrible ingrown hairs, this procedure is highly effective.

Do lasers help to reduce ingrown hairs?

Our lasers can target all hairs, making them a lot finer in the process. This allows ingrown hairs that are currently present to be destroyed. Any future ingrown hairs can be avoided, as the hair is either eliminated or a lot finer. This allows the strand to easily sprout up through the skin without getting curled underneath.

Men can be successfully treated on pretty much any area of the body where unwanted hair is a problem. The neck area features especially great results for those that are constantly forced to shave.

Things to note:

Clients often notice quicker results on some areas; such as the legs, bikini, underarms, chest, and upper arms. Some areas, such as the back or face may require further treatments. Once a course of treatment has been completed, we often recommend maintenance treatments to be administered one to three times per year.
Brazilian/Manzilian Laser Hair Removal

More and more women are requesting Brazilian laser hair removal, while more men are requesting a Manzilian treatment. Some women want to reduce and tidy their pubic hair whilst others enjoy the sense of cleanliness that Brazilian laser hair removal provides. Many women also request Brazilian laser hair removal for cultural reasons. Brazilian laser hair removal is far less painful than Brazilian waxing. At Hair B Gone, we offer full Brazilian/Manzilian laser hair removal to all our clients and take pride in the results we deliver.

How to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment…(post initial consultation)

At the initial consultation clients will be asked to remove the hair from the treatment area using hair removal cream or shaving. No sun, solarium or fake tan on the area 2 weeks before and two weeks after the treatment. If you are in the sun within 2 weeks of your treatment, superficial burning or pigmentation may occur. We recommend treating the area with the same level of care you would mild sunburn. If you have any health conditions, allergies or you’re pregnant, you need to advise at the time of booking for us to ascertain whether you can receive laser treatment.
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